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Met you at Columbus Mart, had your jerky and all was ate before we got home only word is best damn jerky I have had since the 70s when in country. Even believe it is better than Longhorn from AZ. You will be hearing from me and my family in FL for more. Will be calling and ordering soon, the pepper and Jack Daniels are just superb. Take care, be safe, and keep selling Brother and Sister. 

Ken G.


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Featured on the news January 17, 2020:

ABC7 News Feature

I met you at Columbus, my brother Tony introduced me to your fabulous product. I have since enjoyed all that I had purchased.

James L.



Stopped by the booth at the Bloomsburg Christmas gift fair and was super impressed! Was able to sample any of the meats and I ended up purchasing some. Also love that it’s veteran owned!!!

Katie F.


Just bought some teriyaki jerky from the Columbus flea market and it’s delishhhhh!!

Tara S.


I just picked up some Jerky form Merrick at the Lebanon gun show 1/20/18. I love it! I love it because its not just a ton of salt. This is great stuff and I appreciate what you guys do...

Ian M.


Been a customer for a year. Can’t wait till he comes back to Columbus Farmers Market. Guess I have to order online to get my fix.

Anthony L.


Bought some at the gun show, It's good and this packs a real black pepper kick! 

[Matlack Black Pepper Jerky]

Chuck M


So good was amazing! I've had the ragin Cajun was awesome!              

Michael D.



Holy crap is this stuff amazing, i just got some teriyaki and Jersey Devil this weekend at a gun show and my god is this stuff quality. I have yet to taste anything like this and now I'm a huge fan.

Vegas B.



Bought a bag of Jersey Devil today at Lansdowne Farmers Market. Should have bought 2, this stuff is addicting! Looking forward to trying other flavors!             



Love this!!! My Son and I both got a bag of the Ragin' Cajun Jerky at Cowtown. Can't wait to try Jersey Devil.

Kay B.




Had this beef jerky it is one of the best I’ve had, fresh and very flavorful!!!

Joseph M.


Awesome! Great product and so many flavors to choose from!! Can’t wait to get my next fix of Jerky Jack

Jacqui O.


Want to talk about good. Jack was at the New Jersey Motorsports Park, I stopped by and got two bags. About an hour and a half later I had no choice but to go back and get four more bags. Went home shared it with the family. The next day luckily he was still there. So I had to get four more bags. Awesome stuff. By far the best jerky I've ever had. Ragin' Cajun is my personal favorite. A burst of flavor with that light kick of spice.

Ray S.


Just tried "Jerky Jack" Beef Jerky.... Absolutely incredible. Jersey Devil flavor is amaaaazing

Dave LS.




I bought a package of Jersey Devil (because of no sugar) at the Haddon Heights farm market on Sunday, just to try. Absolutely fantastic.

Bill R.


Great quality and price.
Will buy again.

Sofia R.


Probably the only good thing to come out of NJ. They make delicious jerky that is not over salted like a store bought junk AND they are reasonably price.

Jared H.


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