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Our vision

  • Meet the standards and expectations of all patrons

  • Strive to create the best possible recipe and product

  • See a satisfied and growing customer base

  • Watch a small grass roots business grow into a mainstream outlet for all customers

 Jerky is an individual taste, as is with most food products. Each individual has a different palate, some are more or less sensitive to spices and seasonings. Jerky is a personal choice - some like it chewy, sweet, hot, you name it! There are no two types of jerky that taste the same. 

Jerky is a great food source for those on the go. Whether you are traveling, hiking, camping or just sitting around with friend having a beer. Jerky is very high in proteins very low in fat content and is becoming the go to food instead of a protein bar.


At Jerky Jack we make our product with the finest quality meats, the freshest ingredients, and a consistency with your satisfaction at the forefront. Jerky is a lot like life, it all depends on what you like!


We hope to make it just the way YOU like it!

Thank you from all of us at Jerky Jack! ​

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